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Art of the West
InformArt - Winter 2005
InformArt - Fall 2006
InformArt - Winter 2006
Plein Air Painters


Recent Media Coverage

Art of the West - January/February 2006
A Sense of Intimacy By Sara Gilbert

SouthwestArt - April  2005 - A Natural Calling
Emotional experiences demand an abundance of talent and Southwest Artan absolutely sure hand if an artist is to convey them without crossing that point of no return into melodrama or kitsch. There’s no chance of that happening in Karen Vance’s oil-on-linen paintings.

Karen Vance's “Philanthro-fist” Journey
by Peggy Kinstler in InformArt Magazine - Winter 2005

Karen Vance's Landscapes Bring You To The Mountains
by Peggy Kinstler in InformArt Magazine - Fall 2006

Karen Vance Likes To 'Paint Big'
by Peggy Kinstler in InformArt Magazine - Winter 2006

Alpenglow, Year 2000 Edition
People to Watch - Different Strokes

Plein Air Painters of America

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